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Support Audrey Assad.

Besides the fact that Audrey Assad makes beautiful music, this Kickstarter campaign will allow her to make music independent of restrictions that a label would put on her, which is crucial for improving Christian music. The Christian music industry is notorious for producing flat music that all sounds the same, or is too safe, or is just Christian words put to whatever trendy tune is available.

That’s why you never turn on “K-Love” or “The Fish” or “Air 1” and hear curse words or songs that deal with events that can lead to deep spiritual struggles: suicide, abortion, infidelity, or even experiences that can contribute to or describe spiritual joy: sex, drunkenness, being high. It’s silly that there is a dichotomy between “secular good music for bad people” and “Christian bad music for good people.” And yet, Mumford and Sons, U2 and Sufjan Stevens, which all create great music with spiritual, even Christian themes, are never featured on Christian radio. This situation is fine for young children, but not so good for people who want to grow in their Christian faith as they go their sometimes messy life.

It’s difficult to go independent. It’s a less-funded path, but it is one that should be rewarding, not just for Audrey, but all of those who listen to her music and to the other Christian artists who want to be free to make songs that authentically capture their praises and laments. The Bible is full of “unsavory” details: adultery, murder, revenge, incest, erotic imagery and the violence of battle. But it captures the lives of people who were devoted to following God. It’s time for Christian music to paint a similar picture of the complex, dirty and washed, struggling and growing experience of being a disciple of Jesus, and getting on board with crowd funding Christian artists is a good way to start.

Slow – Audrey Assad:

Wedding Dress – Derek Webb, co-founder of NoiseTrade, the musician who alerted me to Audrey Assad’s indie venture.


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