Team Equality

go! stl

I want your money.

Please click the green DONATE link…

…then click the green DONATE button.

Hey, at least I’m honest.


I am running a 5K for Team Go! For Equality. This means that every dollar you donate will ensure that

a) my chicken legs get their first workout after a measly attempt at running in the St. Louis rain and some wobbling on an ice rink


b) people continue to work towards ensuring that everyone can get equal opportunities to get housing, health services and employment.

The money goes straight to PROMO and SAGE Metro St. Louis in a 60-40 split, with PROMO working toward LGBT rights in Missouri and SAGE providing services and advocacy for LGBT older adults. As a SAGE intern, I know that SAGE runs lean and does great work. No penny given is wasted, and each dollar stretches far beyond what it should (my co-workers are incredibly passionate and work unreasonably long hours).

One example that motivates me to support SAGE is when a person walked into our office, homeless and living out of a van. The person said that they had tried to apply for housing on their own, only to be denied by every housing provider to whom they reached out. My supervisor and I went into emergency mode, and stopped our meeting in order to cold call housing providers and email people within our network to find affordable and inclusive housing. Finally, we were able send this person on their way to speak with a housing provider in our network.

If you want to know more about why I support PROMO and SAGE Metro St. Louis or if you want to join me on this run, please contact me at karen.lynn.yang[at]gmail[dot]com.


1. I am a practicum student at SAGE Metro St. Louis, and was recently dubbed “The Intern” at a recent trivia night benefiting SAGE.

2. I am a dual-degree MSW/MAPS student at Washington University in St. Louis and Eden Theological Seminary.

3. I read the Bible a lot, which led me to believe that I needed to care for people whom society pushes to the margins. The field of social work said that this meant older adults. Then I attended a seminar by Sherrill Wayland, who is the rock star of social workers, and saw that within older adults, LGBT older adults endure even more discrimination and marginalization. And I have been working with Sherrill ever since.

4. I’m a Californian, so the humid summer and the cold snow have been my excuses for not running.

5. I never thought that the combination of Oreos and frosting was possible, until the SAGE board of directors showed me the light.

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