Tarsiers Win Staring Contests

Posting another Ze Frank video– sorrynotsorry.

Just got back from my first advocacy day at Jefferson City and am exhausted. Will say more later. But sometimes you have to do easy and uplifting things when you are exhausted, like post a Ze Frank video that is freakin’ hilarious. Sorry for the cuss words.

To compensate for the inadequacy of this post, let me link you to some of my favorite small creatures:

Pygmy marmosets are tiny adorable monkeys.

Cotton top tamarins are less tiny adorable monkeys that are intimidating when they screech.

There are golden tamarins, too. ZOMG IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE LORAX.

Everyone loves red pandas.

Here’s a dik dik. Sounds naughty, looks innocent.

Planaria look like they have eyes, but don’t really.

Male seahorses can get pregnant.

Chameleons are cool.

Geckos are also cool and once were on the ceiling of my grandma’s house in Taiwan, which my grandpa made out of bamboo all by himself.


Pugs are so emotional.

What are your favorite small animals?

Please donate to my CrowdRise page. If five people donate $10 for the next ten days, I’ll hit my goal for supporting anti-discrimination and anti-bullying laws in Missouri!


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