An Apology

I’m sorry.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”

You know when you’ve said the wrong thing at the wrong time and everything becomes worse?

It’s kind of like that.

I don’t know what to say, so I probably shouldn’t say anything.

Upside-down hedgehog.

And now a departure for some unrelated thoughts from Emily C. Heath, United Church of Christ Pastor and Writer:

“The reality is that “nones” are not heathens. They are often extremely thoughtful, highly ethical, people who have not yet connected with an organized faith that speaks to them. When I first came to the church at age 17, I already knew I believed in God. I just wasn’t so sure I believe in church. Had someone insinuated that I was a “heathen” because I didn’t possess the same baptismal certificate as my classmates, I likely would have walked out the door.


When I started looking for my faith community there were a lot of options. My town offered plenty of churches that wanted converts, and that handed out pamphlets about becoming a Christian and “making a decision” for Christ. They said it was so easy. Just accept Christ into your heart, and everything else would make sense.

I never went to any of those churches. Instead I went to the places that didn’t try to make it easy. I found the ones that didn’t dumb it down. I didn’t want answers or to be entertained. I wanted to wrestle with the big questions. I wanted to worship in authentic community. I wanted to make the hard choices that faith demands. I wanted to follow Jesus. And I wanted a church that would show me how to do that.” –What Growing Up a “None” Taught Me about Church

“So, when I see those red equal signs, knowing that most who are posting them don’t realize that they are posting something created by HRC, I just want to tell people what they are supporting. If they still want to use them, that is by all means their right. But, they should first know what that symbol brings up for some of us who are LGBTQ. Because part of being a responsible part of the movement, LGBTQ and ally alike, is listening to the voices at the margins, and deciding with whom you will stand.” –Why I Didn’t Change My Facebook Profile Picture to a Red Equal Sign

Another departure, now to the land of rap:

I don’t like Awkwafina as much as I wish I did. I like her sound, but I can’t really get past the profanity or find the meaning to her songs. I like her critiquing adultolescents moving to New York on their parents’ trust funds on NYC Bitche$, the contrast between the gritty rap style and her lyrics on flu shots and Peggy Bundy is probably my favorite (although My Vag is really catchy and what put her on the map). But I think that profanity, unless used artfully, is not really all that necessary, even if it is rap.

…although the more I listen to her, the more she grows on me.

Don’t smoke, kids. Cancer is real.


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