Failure to Laundry

Let me tell you about my day.

I set my alarm for 6am, intending to do my laundry before practicum so that my guest could have clean sheets and a towel.

Was way too sleepy and snoozed until I had to leave for practicum.

Left a few minutes late. Ended up waiting twenty minutes and taking a different bus than usual.

Wrong bus.

Called the Metro service to ask where I should wait for a bus.

Waited half an hour for another bus, then saw it go to another stop a block over.

Ran and caught the bus.

Got to practicum an hour late. No one was in the office. Did some work, then left to go home to do laundry. There wasn’t enough time to do laundry. On my phone with my mom, missed the time I was supposed to go to catch a bus.

Walked to the bus station and ran to catch a bus.

Caught the bus.

Saw Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, William Kamkwamba, Jack Dorsey, Kenneth Cole and Zainab Salbi speak at the Clinton Global Initiative University Plenary Session.

Ate dinner with my friend.

Didn’t get a call from my housemates who would pick us up because there was no reception.

Called, asked them for a ride again, felt guilty.

Got home.

Tried to do laundry.

Checked on laundry.

Everything was soaked and soapy.

The washing machine had died. It refused to spin again. It taunted me with its unresponsiveness.

I borrowed a sheet and a towel from a housemate.

Between me and my friend, we have two sheets, one comforter (with soggy corner) and a sleeping bag.

This is not how you host a Harvard student, who has been selected to impress world leaders with her stunning intellect and world-changing ambitions.

But this is how I am doing it.

It is 11:30pm, and I must wake up tomorrow at 6am to run my first 5k, with no prior training.

Oy vey.

There are several amusing pictures of evil laundry machines.


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