How Not to Say the Wrong Thing

Comfort IN, dump OUT.

It’s common sense, but a good reminder.

I recently dumped in on a person I love dearly, and still feel awful about it. Actually, everyone involved feels awful, which is probably why we should really take Ring Theory to heart. It was my fault for neglecting my resolution to get more rest, and for making a situation about me, when it really affected someone else more. I got caught up in what I perceived to be an injustice to me and was blind to how the event directly affected someone else, and was only peripherally affecting me.

When you explode something, “sorry” is not enough.

Distance is not always enough.

Time is not always enough.

But they are what is required.

I’m sorry.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Here’s a funny explosion of a whale.

Also, I’m pretty excited about the potential of this just-started project: Translating Church. Created by Emily C. Heath, a United Church of Christ pastor, this project aims to deconstruct and translate church jargon into words that everyone (even church goers can understand)!

Hermeneutics, intentionality, accountability partner, slain by the Spirit, love on, thought life…

What is church jargon that has confused you?

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