Coming Out Day Chapel

An invocation I wrote for chapel at Eden Theological Seminary, in honor of Coming Out Day, that addresses the idea of “Wrestling with Words.”

Note: As a newbie seminarian, I had no idea what an invocation was. “It’s just a prayer that starts everything right?” I asked.

I was told, after writing this, that the purpose of the invocation was to invite God into the space.

I wrote this prayer in the “ACTS” format: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. So it’s basically a prayer that covers all the bases. Which means it’s a bit long.


Perfect Love and Divine Word,

We praise You for creating us in Your image,

Speaking us into life

And proclaiming that we are good.

In Your image and in Your likeness,

You created in us the power to speak new realities into existence

And use words to create good.

We confess that we have not always used words to create good,

That at times, we have used words to hurt others,

And that sometimes, wounded by words, we give up hope and faith

In our power to speak new, good realities into existence.

We thank You for revealing Your perfect love and divine wisdom

In Jesus Christ, known in Greek as logos, the Word.

We are grateful that You came to live among us,

To know the joy of community and the pain of suffering,

So that we would not rejoice and suffer alone.

We ask that You give us the courage to use words to create new, good realities into existence,

Listening to,

Thinking, researching, and imagining,

Speaking, singing, writing, designing, blogging, messaging, posting, painting, etching, tracing,

Recording, filming, and reading

Good words… wise words… loving words…

Please be with us as we wrestle with words today, and for as long as we have breath,

Give us Your spirit of unity

And Your delight in creating good, new worlds.

In the name of the Word,

Perfect love and divine wisdom,

Light of the world,



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