Teaching My Children


One day, I will teach my children Taiwanese theologies.

They will know Shoki Coe and C. S. Song and all the Taiwanese women feminist theologians who do not have enough pages in the reference books and all the saints who I never met until I turned 24, and they will be invited to become one of them. We will lift Christianity from the dust of debates over sin, salvation, and justification, and breathe into it stories about Creation, about aborigine experiences, about a postcolonial world, where no one tells us what our names should be or what languages we ought to speak. Because God was not piggybacked to Korea by Western missionaries (Hyun Younghak), and neither was God piggybacked to Taiwan. Incarnate divinity and sacredness was, is, and always will be everywhere. I will invite my children to imagine how these theologies might create hope in this sometimes difficult world, and to meld these theologies with other theologies, and not be afraid of those who insist on having their views of the divine be upheld everywhere. They will learn that holiness can be whispered, and the loudest voices do not have the last word. One day, I will teach my children to know themselves, more than I have known myself.


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