Chicken Broth


It’s cold, drink broth.

Apparently drinking broth by itself is now a thing in Southern California, which also means that people are also piping up about how it’s been a thing for centuries in numerous other cultures.

Being a Californian in the Midwest, I’m only barely attuned to such trends by way of food bloggers. But I just drank a bowl of the best chicken broth I’ve had in a while and felt super proud of myself for making it. Not all of the ingredients are from scratch, but it was a lovely, savory, nourishing flavor profile. This recipe was just what I had on hand, so feel free to substitute. And it was also cooked how I felt like cooking it (least effort), so feel free to change.


-mushroom dashi (Japanese soup stock) – one packet

-4 cloves crushed garlic

-dried seaweed, garlic, tofu, green onion mix – one packet (from miso soup)

-two chicken thighs, defrosted

What to do:

1. Put everything in a rice cooker. Mine is a ginormous one, not that it should really matter. This is not an exact science.

2. Pour water over chicken until it is an inch over the chicken.

3. Steam.

4. Check at intervals, making sure you don’t run out of water. When the water level is under the chicken, or when the chicken is almost done, or when you’re back from a meeting, take a fork and knife to cut the chicken to the bone to see if there is any redness.

5. There is redness. Out of immense fear of salmonella and desire for more broth, add a ton of water. More. No, more. And close the lid and let the rice cooker keep doing its thing.

6. Check the chicken. No more red!

7. Add salt to taste. Don’t burn yourself. Blow on the spoon before you put it in your mouth. Blow on it more. You are the big bad wolf. There you go. Hot! Did you burn yourself? You were too eager. It’s all your fault. Now your tongue will be fuzzy feeling.

8. Drink up.

9. Mix soy sauce with sesame oil and maybe chopped garlic and dip your chicken in it, and pair with whatever you feel like. Not chocolate. That’s just wrong.

The broth is a beautiful golden color. Feel proud of yourself. You made something beautiful.

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