Stoplight Salad and Zucchini Chicken Rice Porridge


Created two lazy recipes today.

Stoplight Salad

A medley of crunchy bell peppers and chickpeas in a crunchy, spicy, creamy sauce. Good for potlucks or a quick and filling snack.

1. Dice red, yellow, and green bell peppers.

2. Drain can of chickpeas and rinse with water.

3. Combine peppers and chickpeas.

4. Drizzle olive oil, Italian dressing, Tapatio sauce, and mayo to taste.

5. Season with freshly ground pepper, curry powder, sea salt, and a small amount of sugar to taste.

6. Toss. Serve.

Zucchini Chicken Rice Porridge

A comforting meal that is warm and gentle on the stomach. I would imagine that it is good for introducing children to solid food, and could be used as baby food if pureed.

1. Thaw one piece of boneless chicken thigh meat.

2. Rinse basmati rice, dried peas, and dried navy beans. Pick out irregularities. The ratio should be 2:1:2 of rice to peas to beans.

3. Slice zucchini into coins, and then in halves.

4. Put ingredients into rice cooker.

5. Add water to cover ingredients. The water should be twice as high as the ingredients. Season with garlic powder and dashi (Japanese soup stock – my flavor was mushroom and seaweed, which gives it a savory, umami taste).

6. Switch rice cooker on.

7. When rice, beans, and peas have become soft and are cooking into a porridge, add small dried shrimp (these will add flavor and saltiness).

8. When everything has become a porridge, stir, and press wooden spatula into chicken meat to ensure that it is done– you will know it is done when the meat comes apart easily in strings. Stir to combine. The zucchini should have been incorporated into all of the porridge, and its original shapes should be gone. Add salt to taste.

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