Mother’s Day, Planned Parenthood, and the Vlogbrothers

Posted by [LINK]Hank Green:

“Another Reason My Mom is Awesome

A Public Letter from My Mom

This is a letter to my friend, Martha Haynie, who is a Republican, an elected official and proud President of the Planned Parenthood Chapter in Orlando. Marty, you are my heroine.

Dear Marty

I have been thinking a great deal about Planned Parenthood this morning. I keep thinking how different my life would have been without it . I think so many of us have similar stories only we are too embarrassed to admit we had premarital sex. I have always found that amusing since society seems to think it is okay for boys to have as many sexual partners as possible but the same is not true for girls. How can you have one without the other?

Back when I was a junior in college, I fell in love. I was 20 years old and he was a bit older. Maybe 25. He was my first love and he would become my first sexual partner. I thought he was the most amazing man. He had beautiful dark hair and a fabulous moustache. He became my whole world and before I knew it, I really was in love. I would have married him in a minute if he had asked. But neither of us were really ready for that step. But we were ready for sex.

And it was wonderful. I loved it, could not get enough of it. He carefully used a condom but I was still worried about getting pregnant. Being the older man, he decided we should start using the pill. WE? How the heck was I supposed to get the pill? I was pretty sure that I could not go to my doctor at home, he was a friend of my parents andthere was no HIPAA back then. I talked to a couple of friends and they suggested Planned Parenthood.

I will never forget going to Planned Parenthood. It was on the second floor of a medical building. The place was full. I had an image in my head that everyone there wanted an abortion so I thought it would be filled with crying, scared girls. Instead it was filled with women of all ages white and black. Some would learn that day they had cancer, some, like me, would go home with a prescription for birth control and some would find out they were pregnant. It was health care for women.

But that day, I was terrified. What if someone saw me, what if someone cared that I was having sex? In reality, I simply was treated with dignity. I had my pelvic exam and a routine Pap smear. The nurse talked with me about the importance of protection and the doctor gave me a prescription which I filled at the student pharmacy. That was all there was to it. What I did not know that day was how my destiny was determined by that appointment.

. I continued to love him but he did not continue to love me. He broke my heart. Years later I would meet and marry Mike and we would have our sons. I often think about what it would have been like if I had not had kept that appointment. What if I had become pregnant? Would I have had an abortion? What if I had married him and had a baby?

I know I am in a unique situation. I have these famous sons whom I have had the privilege of birthing and raising. I am so disheartened that women of my generation, we hide our stories in secret dark places instead of sharing them. And men in power continue to pretend they know what is best for our society and especially for women I am gray now and no longer need those birth control pills but I sure as hell wrote my Senator this morning to tell him how important Planned Parenthood is. [I just wish I was not writing Senator Tom Tillis –one of the Senate’s most conservative members who continually votes to restrict a women’s right to chose.

What needs to happen is social change. It is time for all women to tell their stories. So I say to every young girl who has loved a Crash Course, a vlogbrother video or read The Fault in Our Stars, imagine a world without John Green and Hank Green. Without Planned Parenthood, that is probably what the world would be because Sydney Goodrich Green, junior at Newcomb College, was deeply in love and was going to have sex.

I was ready to be a mother when I had John and Hank. I have had an amazing life because I had endless opportunities. And one of the most important of those opportunities was the right to choose when and if to have a family.

To share you Planned Parenthood story, go to…/share-your-story

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