Vulva Bun


Vulva bun and I here to remind you to get your annual Well-Woman’s Exam! It’s an exam for all bio-sex female-bodied persons! And it’s free (‪#‎thanksObama‬)! For those wondering, a pap smear should be done every three years, but a breast/cervical cancer screening should be done every year. I got mine this morning! Healthcare is awesome!

I wrote a post about what the exam is like: [LINK]

Vulva bun is also known as the Milky Cream Bun by JW Bakery sold at United Provisions. I know, hilarious. Also delicious.

While I’m on my sex-positive soapbox, here are things I like: – They are doing a study, and you could get free/low cost health care/birth control by being a part of the study. – Many long-acting birth control methods available for free because of the Affordable Care Act. If you bought insurance through the marketplace, then you’re in luck. If you’re not and your plan is grandfathered into the era before the ACA, you will still have to pay for birth control. & – Awesome sex ed resources. – A feminist sex positive store is opening in St. Louis and need your support. They have their launch on my birthday! 7/11. – Faith Aloud is doing a fundraiser on the 30th. They are the only nationwide provider of all-options clergy counseling for people making reproductive decisions.

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