The Pull is Strong


Yesterday, I was thinking that I need to move to Chicago, so I can be surrounded by radical Asians. Today, I was surrounded by a wonderful community of friends, Black and Asian, all laughing and talking excitedly and eating good food and playing bananagrams and drying dishes together. I thought to myself, we have a lot of loving power in this home. We have a lot of family here. And it wasn’t something that I “worked hard” at, although I have been working hard. It was a shared yearning that we didn’t know we were sharing at first, for us not to feel alone in the world, to find people who can understand each other. And like magnets, we have been drawing near to each other, and the pull is strong.

When I feel like I need to be somewhere else, I need to remember that in some ways, we pitch our tents where we are at, because we will always feel somewhat lost if we are honest about the ways in which the world is not what it should be. I need to remember that we who look for one another will draw near to each other.

And the pull is strong.


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