Video: Living in the Plot Twist

Readings and sermon, with full acknowledgement that it might feel a bit weird/silly because this is recorded with a webcam, rather than with an audience. But sounds fine audio-wise (although there are a few minor hiccups/misreadings)!

Alternate titles include: You Can’t Stop the Revolution and The People United Will Never be Defeated.

Food for thought:

Han & Minjung Theology –

Minjung Theology: A Korean Theology of the People

Minjung Theology: A Korean Contextual Theology – A. Sung Park


The FBI’s Covert Program to Destroy the Black Panther Party

Democracy Now! COINTELPRO

Why the Government’s Monitoring of the Black Lives Matter Movement Should Come as No Surprise

Gentrification as colonialism –

Documentary – Gentrification: The New Age of Gentrification

Gentrification: The New Colonialism in the Modern Day Era

Where the White People Live

False solutions to pain –


“Not in our Name!”

Border Walls

Pope Francis: Building Walls is Not Christian


Highways Jammed through Poor Neighborhoods


Let it Go: Time to Disincorporate St. Louis Municipalities

FOCUS St. Louis on Municipalities

Charter Schools

A dozen problems with charter schools

Don’t renew TFA’s contract with SFO- From a former TFA teacher

Teach for America Undermines the Fight for Racial Justice

Tenant farmers as rural, disenfranchised whites –

Trump Supporters Aren’t Stupid

Misc –

For the Sake of All

Dr. Jason Purnell & Reinhold Neibuhr Award

Forward Through Ferguson

Thank you:

Melissa Sternhagen – For being a kindred spirit and being thoughtful about what it means to be a white co-conspirator… and understanding that never in a million years would I want to “pulpit-jack” you!

Lorren Buck & Korla Masters – For interrogating the text with me and wrestling with its troubles.

Chelsey Hillyer & Amy Stark – Moral support and being human together.

Harrison Sand – For putting up with my external processing.

Mama – For reminding me to read the Bible.


Your sermon rocked! It was the best damn sermon about rocks I have ever heard.

“It’s great when you can smack people upside the head and make them laugh at the same time!”

“Praise is political… praise God!”

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