Dolphin Doulas???

Natural births taken to new heights... or rather, new depths. A North Carolina couple is raising awareness about a fringe parenting trend: giving birth in the ocean in the company of dolphins. Expecting mom Heather Barrington, 27, and her husband Adam, 29, are on their way to the Big Island of Hawaii, where they plan to visit … Continue reading Dolphin Doulas???


I had my first professional massage today. It was worth every blissful/painful minute. This picture is what the front desk of MassageLuxe looks like. You will wonder why the people all have their eyes open. "They don't look like they're relaxed. Who opens their eyes during a massage?" you will say to your friend. Your … Continue reading Massaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage

“Retire before 40? Some folks say it can be done”

"To most people, "retiring early," means 55. But to Jason Fieber, that's too long to wait. Everything Fieber does is with one goal: Retiring well before he hits the big 4-0. Fieber, a 30-year-old service adviser at a car dealership in Sarasota, Fla., even moved to the Sunshine State from his Michigan home, in large … Continue reading “Retire before 40? Some folks say it can be done”