Wrong Body or Wrong World?

Watch this. Watch all of it, and remind yourself of what it means to be human. And how radical it would be if we cared for each other more than the state would like. Support Alok here. -- Almost every morning this last week, I have asked myself, "What is the point?" And Alok's words, … Continue reading Wrong Body or Wrong World?

My Bliss/Their Bliss

PSA: Hanging out with friend + toddler at park = super fun. Getting delicious blackened chicken sandwich with friends + toddler at restaurant = super fun. Going to art fair with friend + toddler and enjoying art, music, mango tango (blended mango, citrus, splash of vodka, ice), and samosas = super fun. Having the bliss … Continue reading My Bliss/Their Bliss


feeling like a cat my heartbrain is sick anxiety dreams about friends making fun of my food and telling me i'm stupid and foolish waking in narnia speaking to an Asian aslan aslan asks what is it about your heart that makes it important that other people affirm you that other people validate you that … Continue reading meow