When to Argue on the Internet

The answer would seem to be never, and that is often the wise course of action. Just see "Don't Read Comments." But sometimes the stakes are so high that not engaging doesn't seem like an option. And sometimes it is worth recognizing the power of social media, in its ability to connect people instantly all … Continue reading When to Argue on the Internet

Silencing Techniques from the Sandbox

COMEDY HOUR - I.E. KAREN, AN ASIAN AMERICAN, ALSO KNOWS HOW TO USE SATIRE! SHE'Z THMART! Okay kids! Time to do a participatory exercise! Are you ready? This exercise is called "Deconstructing Insults" or "Let's find out what the bullies in the sandbox are really saying!" First, let's find out what insults people are using! … Continue reading Silencing Techniques from the Sandbox


A reflection for a course on Pastoral Theology and Care.Jamison's “Mourning and Melancholia” is a compelling read, especially in light of Kelley's “Grief.” Jamison's observations reminded me of C.S. Lewis' reflections in “A Grief Observed” which were highlighted in Kelley's “Grief.” Jamison's opening remarks on how grief comes in waves, catching Jamison off-guard reminds me … Continue reading Grief

Military Sexual Assault & LGBT Elder Abuse

Tying together the oppression that binds those who can't scream loud enough. Chapter 11 of Honor Betrayed reminded me of my work with SAGE Metro St. Louis when it highlighted the fact that data on sexual assault has not been collected until recently. At SAGE Metro St. Louis, I became acutely aware that data on … Continue reading Military Sexual Assault & LGBT Elder Abuse