My new book – The View From Flyover Country

Sarah Kendzior, one of my favorite journalist-scholar-analysts, is selling some of the best of her work for the low price of $5! Buy the View from Flyover Country today!

Sarah Kendzior

Big news! I’ve collected the best of my essays from my time at Al Jazeera into an ebook, available as a Kindle download for $5.00. If you would like to support my work – or simply want a copy of the best of it in one place – you can buy it today. The collection contains works on a variety of topics including labor exploitation, race, higher education, and freedom of speech. A full table of contents is below.

Buy The View from Flyover Country today!

PART I: The view from flyover country

The view from flyover country
The peril of hipster economics
Expensive cities are killing creativity
Mourn the fall of the mall

PART II: The post-employment economy

Surviving the post-employment economy
Meritocracy for sale
Survival is not an aspiration
Zero opportunity employers
A government shutdown, a social breakdown
The men who set themselves on fire
Charity is…

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