Emerging Call

Above is a picture of me looking confused. Below is a reflection for my theological reflection and contextual education seminar on the subject of "Emerging Call." -- Since I began seminary work, I discovered less about the nature of my gifts and more about the how gifts relate to ministry. My undergraduate academic work and … Continue reading Emerging Call

Coming Out Day Chapel

An invocation I wrote for chapel at Eden Theological Seminary, in honor of Coming Out Day, that addresses the idea of "Wrestling with Words." Note: As a newbie seminarian, I had no idea what an invocation was. "It's just a prayer that starts everything right?" I asked. I was told, after writing this, that the … Continue reading Coming Out Day Chapel

Military Sexual Assault & LGBT Elder Abuse

Tying together the oppression that binds those who can't scream loud enough. Chapter 11 of Honor Betrayed reminded me of my work with SAGE Metro St. Louis when it highlighted the fact that data on sexual assault has not been collected until recently. At SAGE Metro St. Louis, I became acutely aware that data on … Continue reading Military Sexual Assault & LGBT Elder Abuse