The Pull is Strong

Yesterday, I was thinking that I need to move to Chicago, so I can be surrounded by radical Asians. Today, I was surrounded by a wonderful community of friends, Black and Asian, all laughing and talking excitedly and eating good food and playing bananagrams and drying dishes together. I thought to myself, we have a … Continue reading The Pull is Strong

A Promise to Myself

I will claim my space when in positions of power. I will do so responsibly. I will be kind. When confronted with defensiveness or pushback, I will pause, but not back down. I will stand in the tension and hold it. I will hold it until it turns into something useful. If it becomes painful, … Continue reading A Promise to Myself

Military Sexual Assault & LGBT Elder Abuse

Tying together the oppression that binds those who can't scream loud enough. Chapter 11 of Honor Betrayed reminded me of my work with SAGE Metro St. Louis when it highlighted the fact that data on sexual assault has not been collected until recently. At SAGE Metro St. Louis, I became acutely aware that data on … Continue reading Military Sexual Assault & LGBT Elder Abuse