Living in the Plot Twist

Photo Credit: Bryce Krug Reading the Signs of the Times Regina Purnell-Gray, Kevin Kriesel, Deborah Krause Excerpts from “Forward through Ferguson,” the report of the Ferguson Commission “In 2013, as we prepared to celebrate St. Louis’ 250th birthday,  leaders debated whether or not to engage in community-wide planning, in a wide assessment of the region. … Continue reading Living in the Plot Twist

I Forgot

I forgot there are spaces where my contribution is not welcome, where respect is conflated with tolerance, where I feel small, not because I am Asian, or woman, or young, but because I am not Center. A sharp, wooden rap. Smack on the wrist. Look here. Look at me. Listen to me. I wake abruptly, … Continue reading I Forgot

Beloved Community – Sermon Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

5pm sermon podcast [link] For a recording of the 10:30am sermon, comment below with your email address. -- RESOURCES Valerie Nicolet-Anderson [link] 1 Cor 6:12-20 - Paul's instructions on sexual ethics for the purpose of strengthening and forming community identity. What does it mean to take on a communal identity that is non-normative? How might … Continue reading Beloved Community – Sermon Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.